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Liquid Lightning MK II Solid State Electrostatic Headphone Amp

Liquid Lightning has undergone some design changes, mostly to the enclosure. LL MK II is now in the new CA stealth black finish. It has more inputs, front panel input switching, and better ventilation including vent slots on both sides. Internally, LL MK II is the same circuit as MK I, but with less parasitic capacitance on the amplifier board.

LL MK II the LL MKI in a new enclosure with some new features. Those of you who liked or wanted a LL MK I should like the MKII.

The enclosure is now made from machined aluminum. The side rails begin as 1/2" thick aluminum stock. We've added ventilation slots to both sides of the amp as well as more ventilation on the top and bottom. The front is 1/4" and the rear is 3/16"

There is a new input section with 3 inputs. There are two balanced (XLR) inputs. One of these has a loop out. There is one SE (RCA) input. Input selection is from the front using a small toggle recessed into the front panel. The SE input is converted to balanced before the volume pot so that you don't lose any gain when using SE inputs.

Input wiring uses JPS Labs alumiloy wire for better sound quality.

The output jacks are still the custom made Cavalli Audio Stax style jacks. Indicator lightning is now standard CA white LEDs through small holes in the power switch and the front panel.

Judging by preliminary results the LL MKII is every bit as good as LL MKI, maybe even better.

100V  ($0.00)
Jack #2 Bias
580V  ($0.00)
Will be released again in the Fall
Liquid Lightning MKII Solid State Electrostatic Headphone Amp
Liquid Sound from Solid State
400V Rails / 1600Vpp
Bias - Jack #1 580V, Jack #2 580V, 500V or 540V
Line/Mains - 100V (Japan), 120V, 240V
TKD Quad Fader Volume Control
Custom Piezo switch, Custom Magnetics RCore Transformer
Custom Stax Configuration Output Jacks
Three Inputs with Loop Out on Balanced Input #2
Size: 17.25" W x 14.25" D x 4" H
Weight: 22lbs


We have asked Avenson Audio to do THD+N measurements on the LL2. Here are the results.

Equipment: Prism DScope Series III.
Signal path:Balanced input #1 (going through the input switching network).
Input: 1kHz at -13.1dbV to generate 100VRMS peak (280Vpp) output voltage (the way Stax reports on their amps).
Load:100pf plus approximately 20pf || 200k from equipment (120pf total).

See table in lower left for math (measurements are RMS).






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