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Liquid Lightning 2T

Liquid Lightning (LL2T) is now either SS or Tube. It still has the same heavy duty construction and engraved stealth black front panel as the original. This new version sports a processor controlled, optically coupled, photo resistor volume control.

LL2T stands for LL2 or LLTube. The LL2 version is substantially the same as the originall LL2 solid state amp, but has been redesigned to make it possible to offer either SS or Tube versions of the amp.

Tubes are 6S4A NOS (each tube amp comes with 4 extra tubes)

The multi-gang TKD volume control has been upgraded to a new processor controlled, optically coupled photo resistor volume control.This feature is unique to the LL2T.

Input wiring still uses JPS Labs alumiloy wire for better sound quality.

The output jacks are still the custom made Cavalli Audio Stax style jacks. Indicator lightning is now standard CA white LEDs through small holes in the power switch and the front panel.

For more info about the new features of this amp see LL2T Release

SS or Hyrbid
LL2  ($0.00)
LL2T  ($600.00)
Jack #2 Bias
Price: $
Due Now: $4,250.00
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Liquid Lightning MKII Solid State Electrostatic Headphone Amp
Liquid Sound from Solid State
400V Rails / 1600Vpp
Bias - Jack #1 580V, Jack #2 580V, 500V or 540V
Line/Mains - 100V (Japan), 115V, 230V
Processor controlled, optically coupled, photo resistor volume control
Custom Piezo switch, Custom Magnetics RCore Transformer
Custom Stax Configuration Output Jacks
Three Inputs with Loop Out on Balanced Input #2
Size: 17.25" W x 14.25" D x 4" H
Weight: 22lbs


Measurements on the new amp are basically the same as below. We'll post these as soon as we get the amps back from reviewers.

We have asked Avenson Audio to do THD+N measurements on the LL2. Here are the results.

Equipment: Prism DScope Series III.
Signal path:Balanced input #1 (going through the input switching network).
Input: 1kHz at -13.1dbV to generate 100VRMS peak (280Vpp) output voltage (the way Stax reports on their amps).
Load:100pf plus approximately 20pf || 200k from equipment (120pf total).

See table in lower left for math (measurements are RMS).






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