About Cavalli Audio

Cavalli Audio began as Alex Cavalli’s interest in designing electronics was rekindled by a project with his (then) high-school aged son. This tube project turned into his first experimental headphone amps and his joining the online headphone community.

11 years later Alex has given the DIY headphone community a lot of good amps and good projects:

  1. The Bijou all tube headphone amplifier
  2. The Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III in collaboration with Ti Kan based on Benny Jorgensen’s Kumisa III amp.
  3. The SOHA (Simple Opamp Headphone Amplifier)
  4. The SOHA II (A better SOHA with better tube rolling and better sound)
  5. The Compact Tube Hybrid (a very small, wall-wart powered, tube rollers dream)
  6. The Embedded Hybrid Headphone Amplifier I (a DC coupled hybrid)
  7. The EHHA Rev A (an improved EHHA I)
  8. The Exstata Electrostatic Amplifier (a simple, easy stat amp for beginners)

As one thing has led to another, many DIY builders have encouraged Alex to offer some of his unreleased designs as commercial amps. After some thought, the very first Cavalli Audio offering, the Liquid Fire Headphone Amplifier was born. This amp was showcased at CanJam 2010 paired with the Audez-e LCD2 headphones. The response was very positive and after some months of putting together the production process, the Liquid Fire was made commercially available in March of 2011.

The future is about to be written…