CTH Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Boards for the CTH are available from Cavalli Audio.

Both amplifier channels, including tube stage, buffers, and rail splitter, ε12, heater supply, HV and LV PS are fitted onto a single board.

CTH Board

CTH Board

The board has a top-side ground plane. The ground plane for the heatsupply (center right) and the ground plane for the amplifier sections are connected by a narrow strip near the star ground pad. This arrangement prevents, as much as possible, the heater switching ground noise from getting into the amp ground plane.

CTH Board GP

CTH Board with Ground Plane

All jack, pots, and switches (except for the 24VAC connector) are located off board.

3D Images

CTH Board 3D

Not all components are rendered in this image, but most of them are.