SOHA II Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Both amplifier channels and the PS are fitted onto a single board.



The board has a top-side ground plane. The ground plane for the PS (along the back) and the ground plane for the amplifier sections are connected by a narrow strip at the star ground hole. This arrangement prevents the PS ground noise from getting into the amp ground plane.

SOAH II Board with Groundplane

SOHA II Board with Ground Plane

Input connections are made through simple screw type connectors. Connectors are not required, however. Leads can be soldered directly to the pads where the connectors normally go.

Output standard configuration is through the board-mounted headphone jack. However, holes are provided for a 3-terminal block for attaching wires to an off-board jack.

Mounting positions for the different for either ECB or BCE output transistors are available. See the Device Mounting section for more information.

3D Images

You can see a computer generated 3D image at this link:

EHHA 3D Image  SOHA II 3D Board Image

Not all components are rendered in this image, but the O/P devices are visible along with most of the rest of the components.