Liquid Carbon 2.0 Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Carbon 2.0 Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Carbon 2.0 Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Carbon 2.0 Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Carbon 2.0 Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Carbon 2.0 Headphone Amplifier

Cavalli Audio

Liquid Carbon 2.0 Headphone Amplifier

$ 799.00

The Liquid Carbon is a limited-edition, community-inspired, and carefully-crafted distillation of our Cavalli Audio house sound.  

In a nutshell, the Liquid Carbon is a fully-discrete, fully-balanced, transportable solid-state headphone amplifier that is capable of driving all but the most demanding of headphones - delivering satisfying levels and offering superb driver control for exceptional detail and linearity.

Following Dr. Alex Cavalli’s design philosophy of achieving purity of sound, via the elegance of simplicity, the Liquid Carbon is fully-discrete, and contains no op-amps in the signal path.

It’s fully-balanced as well, on both its inputs and outputs.  In fact, whether your DAC has balanced output or not - and chances are that it doesn’t - the Liquid Carbon accounts for that with phase splitters on its single-ended inputs, so that it can “generate” balanced input signals.

The Liquid Carbon also features adjustable gain (1X/3X), comprehensive input and output options, and ultra-low output impedance (~0.12 ohm balanced, ~0.08 ohm single-ended).  All of the above combine to form something that is truly more than the sum of its parts… an affordable end game headphone amplifier.

First released in 2015 as a “thank you” to headphone enthusiasts who have supported Cavalli Audio throughout the years, our Liquid Carbon instantly became a much-sought-after collectible due to its stellar performance and inherent scarcity (only 500 units were released).

Since then, the Liquid Carbon has gone on to garner an impressive collection of positive impressions, from both the personal audio community and audio press alike, despite its rarity and unavailability.

And now, due to overwhelming popular demand, the Liquid Carbon is back for one final production run!  Don’t miss your chance to own a Liquid Carbon of your very own - before they are gone forever!* 

  • Gain: 1X (0db) and 3X (10db), hot switchable from front panel to adjust for different headphones
  • Maximum Power: ~1.5W into 50R
  • Inputs: 1 x XLR  (Bal); 1 x  RCA; 1 x 3.5mm - front panel selectable; RCA and 3.5mm are the same input.
  • Outputs: 1 x 4-Pin XLR; 1 x TRS, 1 x RSA.
  • THD: 0.004% at 1kHz/500mW (4VRMS) into 32 ohms (resistive)
  • Input Impedance: ~10k
  • Output Impedance: ~0.12 ohm balanced, ~0.08 ohm single-ended
  • Size: 5" (W) x 7" (D) x 1.75" (H);12.7 cm (W) x 17.8 cm (D) x 4.5 cm (H)
  • Weight: 1 lb, 7 oz (0.7kg)
  • Stand-Offs:  Adhesive rubber feet