Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier

Cavalli Audio

Liquid Crimson Headphone Amplifier

$ 2,999.00

While the Liquid Crimson is our newest, full-sized, desktop headphone amplifier - it’s so much more than just the latest flavor-of-the-month.

The Liquid Crimson’s proud heritage stretches all the way back to the very first Cavalli Audio amp, the Liquid Fire.  Carried deep within its DNA are the speed, detail, and clarity that made the Liquid Fire a legend in its own time.

But in evolving beyond the Liquid Fire, the Liquid Crimson is now incredibly dynamic and engaging as well - with improved extension at both ends for superior balance - and delivering a level of realism and musicality that relegates the Liquid Fire to the halls of Cavalli history.

In addition, the Liquid Crimson’s chassis has also been upgraded to incorporate flanking heatsinks, with a flow-through front panel reminiscent of jet intakes.  So the Crimson looks as bad ass as it sounds.

If you haven’t yet heard the Liquid Crimson, you owe yourself an audition at your earliest opportunity.  Find out how good this ingeniuously-designed, completely DC-coupled, fully-discrete, embedded hybrid headphone amplifier truly is… and how it will re-ignite your passion for music.

  • Fully-discrete audio circuitry
  • Embedded tube hybrid amplifier using a single 6922 tube.
  • Pure class A output  for the first 2.25W (50R) of output (extremely clear low level detail).
  • Ventilated tube cage top allows easy access, air-flow, and a warm-glow view of the tube in operation.
  • Uses a 6922/6DJ8 and exact equivalent tube for optimum sound quality and linear frequency response. Stock tube Genelax 6922.
  • Cavalli signature startup protection sequence to protect your gear during power up.
  • Ability to drive two pair of headphones via any combination of outputs.

Headphone Impedance: 32-600 Ohms
Power Output: Up to 6W per channel into 50 Ohms
Gain: 4X (12db) and 8X (18db), hot switchable from front panel to adjust for different headphones.
Inputs: Two single-ended stereo RCA, front panel selectable. Loop out on Input #2.
Outputs: One balanced stereo 4-Pin XLR, two single-ended 1/4" TRS. One TRS is low output.
Dimensions: W 12” (31cm) x H 2.5” (6.25cm) x D 11.5” (29cm)
Weight: 10lbs (4.5kg)



The Liquid Crimson brought performance, power and subtlety. It played exceptionally well with the other kids in the sandbox. Of course all those other kids were top-level contenders. Given the strong, across-the-board achievements in quality, the results were special.