Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier

Cavalli Audio

Liquid Glass Headphone Amplifier

$ 3,499.00

The Liquid Glass is - without a doubt - the funnest headphone amp available today.

Envisioned and created especially for tube amp aficionados, the Liquid Glass sports an exceptionally clear and transparent solid state buffer… one that allows the hallmark flavors and complex subtleties of your favorite vacuum tubes to shine through.  Simply put, the Liquid Glass sounds like whichever tubes you’ve chosen to put in it.

Featuring sockets for both octal and novel tubes, as well as settable heater and plate voltages, the Liquid Glass supports a wide range of tubes and their variants.  Octal tubes supported include 6SN7, 12SN7, VT231, CV1986, CV1988, B65, B63, ECC32, CV181 and more.  Noval tubes supported include 12AU7, ECC82, 5963, 6680, 5814, 12AT7, ECC81, 6DJ8, ECC88, 6922, ECC88, 8416, 6H30, 6189, 6N1PEB, 6H23EB, 7730, ECC802, 6CG7, 12BH7, 6FQ7, 6GU7 and more.

Of course, this means that the Liquid Glass offers you a wealth of sound signatures to explore, without ever locking you into any one signature.  You’ll be never get tired or bored of your Liquid Glass.  Simply roll in a different set of tubes, and you’ll have a whole new amp to enjoy.  This also means that the Liquid Glass helps you keep upgraditis at bay.  You’ll never need another headphone amp… though you will want more tubes, count on that.

With a Liquid Glass of your very own, you can say good bye to obsolescence, and say hello to endless possibilities and infinite enjoyment.

  • Self-adjusting output buffer is transparent to the sound of whatever tube you are using
  • Selectable for either 6.3V or 12.6V tubes
  • Selectable for B+ of 300V or 200V
  • Will work with octals that have 6SN7 basing and novals that have 12AU7 basing.
  • Output selectable between headphones or preamp out
  • Input is selectable between two inputs. Input #2 has a loop out
  • Cavalli Audio heater delay and offset protection, protecting both your tubes and your headphones.
  • Cavalli Audio no-rapid-power-cycling power module, protecting everything when you get the inevitable power blip
  • Internal current sensor on the B+ so that if the tubes draw more than a specified current limit the amp will shut down
  • Compatible Tubes: 
    Noval Octal
    12AU7 6SN7
    ECC82 12SN7
    5963 VT231
    6680 CV1986
    5814 CV1988
    12AT7 B65
    ECC81 B63
    6DJ8 ECC32
    ECC88 CV181

Headphone Impedance: 32-600 Ohms
Input Sensitivity: Varies with tube type
Input Impedance: 45k Ohms
Output Impedance: HP ~0.050 Ohms @ 1kHz, Preamp 200 Ohms
Power Output: Up to 6W per channel @ 50 Ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion: Varies with tube type
Gain: Varies with tube type (gain = ½ the mu of the triodes in use)
Tube heater voltages: 6.3V (2A) or 12.6V (1A), switch selectable
Tube plate (or B+) voltages: 200V or 300V (at maximum of 40mA for both tubes), switch selectable
Inputs: 2 single-ended stereo RCA (front-panel selectable), 1 RCA loop-out
Outputs: One variable-level stereo preamp RCA, one fixed line level stereo RCA serving as an output loop for Input 1, one single-ended 1/4" TRS, one balanced 4-pin XLR. Output is switch selectable between Preamp and Headphone Amp modes.
Dimensions: W 15"(38cm) x H 4.5"(7.6cm) x D 10"(25cm)
Weight: 17lb (7.5kg)


The Absolute Sound

Let me start by saying that the Glass’ solid-state, unity gain buffer stage is exceedingly quiet, offers an exceptional degree of tonal neutrality, excellent transient speed, and pleasing freedom from edge or glare. Importantly, the buffer stage can also drive most any headphone (even very power hungry models), meaning that the buffer stage does virtually all of the heavy lifting in terms of actual power output. As a result, you hear each valve set under nearly ideal circumstances, the valves providing voltage amplification as best they can, while taking responsibility only for powering the Liquid Glass’ easy-to-drive buffer stage.

Inner Fidelity