Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier
Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier

Cavalli Audio

Liquid Gold Headphone Amplifier

$ 3,999.00

A legend amongst personal audio circles, our flagship Liquid Gold headphone amplifier serves as the definitive embodiment of our seemingly magical Cavalli house sound.

It is supremely transparent and detailed, tempered with an impeccable sense of balance and accuracy, extended infinitely at both ends, with a level of refinement and sophistication that belies it’s true power (9W into 50 Ohms).

And yet, Liquid Gold owners will readily confess that they’ve rarely heard music sound as natural or life-like, presenting us all with an uncanny realism that seems to stand in contradiction to the Liquid Gold’s unwavering precision and control.

That paradox - that ability to deliver every audiophile cliche there is all at once - that is the Cavalli magic that we can all hear, but never truly explain.

We invite you to hear for yourself.  One audition is all it takes to become eternally spellbound, and to understand why hundreds of Liquid Golds are out in the world: 

  • helping manufacturers voice and test new headphones;
  • showcasing the world's finest headphones at trade shows and events;
  • serving as reference units for audio reviewers and experts;
  • and most importantly, bringing joy to music lovers everywhere.

The Liquid Gold… our flagship, your end game, and a world-class reference in headphone amplification.

  • High powered fully front-to-back balanced amplifier.
  • Each channel is a true differential amplifier with its own independent rail regulators.
Headphone Impedance: 32-600 Ohms
Input Sensitivity: 3VRMS Balanced, Hi Gain Mode
Input Impedance: 90k Ohms Balanced, 45k Ohms Single-ended
Output Impedance: ~0.050 Ohms @ 1kHz
Power Output: 9W into 50 Ohms
THD+N0.0015% @ 3W into 33 Ohms
Gain4X (12db) and 8X (18db), hot switchable from front panel 
Inputs: Two stereo balanced 4-pin XLR, two single-ended stereo RCA (single-ended converted to balanced)
Outputs: Two single-ended 1/4" TRS, one balanced 4-pin XLR, two balanced 3-pin XLR.
Dimensions: W 16.5” (42cm) x H 3” (7.6cm) x D 11.5” (29cm) 
Weight: 15lbs (7kg)


The Absolute Sound

Judging by the sound it produces the Liquid Gold has been designed with a handful of sonic objectives in mind, including: dead-neutral tonal balance, low distortion, wide bandwidth, exceptional resolution, and terrific transient speed. Put these together and you get one of the most (if not the most) disarmingly honest and revealing headphone amplifiers I’ve yet heard. Put on a piece of music you think know well, and odds are that within seconds the Liquid Gold will have you asking yourself, “My word, where did all that additional musical information come from?”

Part-Time Audiophile

The Liquid Gold is, quite simply, one of the most consistently excellent sounding amps I’ve heard, with just about every headphone I tried it with. Assuming you’re not using electrostats or IEMs, the Liquid Gold checks off far too many boxes to not be a contender. And actually trying it out, well, that seals the deal. I was stunned at how good my flagship headphones sounded on this amp. What else is there to say?